Manager position - job scam

From: Spoofed email 
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 08:21:20 +0000
Subject: Manager position 

We are offering a shipping manager assistant position.
 We are offering a distant job.

The job routine will take 2-3 hours per day and requires absolutely no investment.
You will work with big shops, suppliers, factories all around the States.
The communication line will flow between you and your personal manager, you will receive orders via email and phone,
and our trained manager will be with you while every step to help you to work out first orders and answer any questions which may appear.
The starting salary is about ~2800 USD per month + bonuses.

You will receive first salary in 30 days after you will successfully complete your first task.
When the first working month will be over you will have a right to receive salary every 2 weeks.
The bonuses are calculated on the very last working day of each month,
and paying out during a first week of the next month. 

We will accept applications this week only!
To proceed to the next step we should register you in HR system so we will need a small piece of your personal information.

Please fill in the fields:
Full name:
Your Contact phone number:
Your email address :
City of residence :
We need your personal information to create HR file only,
it will stay secure on the separate server till the moment it will be deleted (which take place every 2 days),
and only HR people will have access to it. 

Please send your answer to my secured email
 I will reply you personally as soon as possible.

Heidi Weiss

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