your help is needed

From: kamara family <>

Date: Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 2:21 AM
Subject: your help is needed

   good day i am happy writing you this letter to you, we have never talked or get
to meet each other,we will need your great help in receiving our funds, Read
attach info

Hello Friend,
My name is Anna Kamara i hope you and your family are very doing well?  We have been through a lot of 
difficulties in our life which started when i lost my husband; i am now left alone with my son Jonathan 
who is just 16years old. All my husband properties were taken from us forcefully by my late husband 
relatives. As i write to you now they have sold all the houses and business, all this happened just after the 
war in Sierra Leone.
It was only few weeks ago that i showed my son Jonathan some document's which my late husband used 
in depositing the sum of (US$19,300,000.00) in a safe keeping company in Ghana and he used my son 
Jonathan as the next of kin. With our documents in our hand this makes the transaction legal and risk 
free. We were filled with joy after looking at the document’s that is the reason why we are here in Ghana. 
When we arrived Ghana few days ago, we want to the security company and presented the legal 
documents that were given to my late husband at the time he deposited the consignment with the security 
company. They accepted that the consignment is deposited there for (SAFE KEEPING), but they cannot 
release it to us, because my husband stated at the time of deposit that the fund will leave Africa on transit 
to overseas for business purpose. We did not know that my husband was planning to open another 
company overseas.
After speaking with the head of operation at the security company they now advice us to get a foreign 
partner who we can trust that will help us receive the consignment/funds from the security company. 
The security company has concluded that we need a foreign beneficiary and someone to stand as my son 
guardian before the consignment can be released to our appointed foreign beneficiary. This is why we 
contacted you to stand as my son guardian and our foreign partner and help us claim our consignment 
from the security company.
We have agreed to give you 30% of the total funds/deposit (US$19,300,000.00) when you help us claim 
the consignment from the security company, and then we can come over to your country to start a new 
life. Jonathan intends to continue his education which as stopped after the death of my husband and i will 
need good medical treatment.
I will ask my son Jonathan to send you the document's tomorrow, the document that will help you claim 
the consignment from the security company. We want you to understand that we want to trust you and 
we feel you can help us. As i am writing to you this email my eyes is filled with tears, i am very sick and we 
don't have any relative or friend here in Ghana we are currently staying with an old lady called Mrs. Mary 
Ajuwa who works as a cleaner at a hospital.
We thank you for everything you will be doing for us in advance.
Regards and God Bless you,
Anna and Jonathan Kamara

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