Spam - Attn: Somebody just ordered a background-check-on you. See your-results #18008114

From: Notification []
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:49 AMTo: Subject: Attn: Somebody just ordered a background-check-on you. Seeyour-results #18008114

==============================================.JSNR PUBLIC ONLINE NOTIFICATION SYSTEMS.==============================================.DT. 8/14/14. NEW ALERT NO. 18008114.
EMAIL-NOTIFICATION FOR:  ==============================================.
This message has reached you today so that we can inform you that someonehas just recently ordered a background-check on you. Please view the detailof this search below now:

Your Search Details:----------------------------Date: 08/13/2014-Time: 11:36 AM.(EST)

Please visit here right away to view your scan results & to view otheradditional information:

JSNR PUBLIC ONLINE NOTIFICATION SYSTEMS.==============================================.DATE: 08/13/2014

======================================================.NEED ANY HELP? CUSTOMER SERVICE INFORMATION:======================================================.Are you in need help or do you have any questions? If so you can simplypress "reply" to this email with your notification numberabove 18008114 & your email will be read at our earliest convenience. Thankyou.

------If you would prefer to put an end to our emailmessages you can go here: you'd prefer to write us: PO.Box Number: 025250 Miami, State: FloridaZIPCODE: 33102-1109631

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