Nigerian scam - "Conflict Of/In Information"

From: Philip III Tinsley <>
Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 2:04 PM
Subject: Conflict Of/In Information
Cc:, "APIS.TAS" <>,

October 23, 2013
Commissioner Tony Negus APM
Australian Federal Police (AFP)
Coordinator OMC
Locked Bag A3000
Sydney South NSW 1232
Dear Sir:
I am emailing this letter to you in order to attempt to promptly clarify important and conflicting information from your police force and from the Passport Division of the Australian Embassy in Washington, DC ... .
I was informed by one of your staff members, "Emma", in a September 2013, telephone conversation that My Australian File Reference Number, 2013098680, was a "... passport number ..." .  However, when I telephoned the Passport Division of the Australian Embassy, in Washington, DC, on October 21, 2013, at approximately 9:10 AM E.S.T., a unnamed woman stated that the aforementioned number was "... a VISA number [and] not a passport number ... ".  My question to you/your department is, "Who is lying?!"
In addition, when I spoke to the AFP via telephone on October 21, 2013, at approximately 9:05 AM E.S.T., a woman named, "Emily" wanted to know what I expected the AFP to do for Me?  Naturally, I replied that I wanted the AFP to relay information to the proper Australian Embassy officials, since I was unable to contact them via telephone or even email ... .  However, I deem it My duty to inform you that even though your government officials have placed themselves and the Commonwealth of Australia into a legal situation with the delay of rendering My passport orVISA (see Australia's ratification of the UN's ICCPR & CAT treaties along with Its ratification of the USA's Title 18 Section 3181 USC*), I do not expect your department to effect the arrests of the offending individuals upon My written accounts... .  Nevertheless, I will expect members of your police force to render accurate and veracious testimony as to our prior conversations and the information contained within ... .
Please respond to this email message promptly, since I am attempting to secure legal assistance to obtain My Australian passport.  Thank you.
Yours Sincerely,
Philip Tinsley III, House of York, Stuart & Leicester (Lester), Spanish nobleman (2X), Scottish knight (Order of The Thistle), King of Virginia (see Treaty of Lancaster, 1744), and Unofficial King of Great Britain (see Naturalization Act of 1870, 'John Thomas Hewin Sr.', "1910 Richmond City, VA Census Report", U.S. Census; and CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA v. USA and UK/GB, 2011, ICJ, Den Hague, The Kingdom of The Netherlands)
cc:  Mr. Andrew Wood, CEO, AFP
*I have been kidnapped and tortured numerous times in the Commonwealth of Virginia and My parents, English royals, were murdered in the Commonwealth of Virginia ... .
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